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18 Rgp 2019, 03:40
Forumas: Kiti turnyrai
Tema: Copa America 2019
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Copa America 2019

Neymar is now out because of his ankle. If anything I think this helps Brazil his diving cost Brazil the 2018 WC. Interesting copa America lot of teams rebuilding and the end of an era for a lot of players but with a Copa America in 2020 maybe we will see them again next year Uruguay and Chile reall...
16 Rgp 2019, 13:27
Forumas: Ispanija
Tema: Athletic Club
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Athletic Club

No they are not racists, they are part of a very strong Basque tradition of nationalism of lets do it ourselves. But they limit themselves and thats why they will never become one of the big teams of todays modern Spain. It takes some international football stars to reach the top. Not every player c...