[EFC] Duokim garo

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Alexis alert
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Labai gera filma.
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Ką veikti per karantiną? Theo versija

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26 Bal 2020, 12:22

The Guardian rašė:Everton have labeled Moise Kean’s actions “unacceptable” after he flouted coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The striker filmed himself partying at home with guests in a breach of social distancing regulations during the coronavirus pandemic. Kean, who joined from Juventus for a reported £24m last summer, is likely to face disciplinary action.

A club statement read: “Everton Football Club was appalled to learn of an incident in which a first-team player ignored Government guidance and club policy in relation to the coronavirus crisis. The club has strongly expressed its disappointment to the player and made it clear that such actions are completely unacceptable.
https://www.theguardian.com/football/20 ... down-party

Priminė skaitytą interviu, kur sakė, kad Balotelli yra inspireišonas. #SounessBuvoTeisus
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