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19 Sep 2018, 07:14

Centron wrote:
18 Sep 2018, 16:26
Kol Serie A vyksta įdomūs dalykai, Serijoj B farsas tęsiasi pilnu pajėgumu. Praėjusią savaitę Lazio teismas atmetė Catanios ir Avellino skundus, kurie reikalavo būti priimti į Serie B dar šį sezoną. Teisme taip pat buvo nuspręsta, kad šiemet lygoj žais 19 komandų. Apeliacinis teismas šiandien šitą verdiktą pakeitė, kas reiškia, kad lyga sustabdoma until further notice. Absoliutus bardakas.
Football-Italia wrote:Pro Vercelli’s President describes Serie B “chaos”, as it’s not clear who will replace Bari and Cesena. The two clubs failed to register for the 2018-19 season due to financial difficulties, and will be declared bankrupt.

Provided the mayor of the respective cities can find new investors, the two clubs will start again in Serie D, while Avellino have been granted more time to come up with a guarantor so they can register.

What is certain though is that there will be two, possibly three vacancies in next year's second division. That leaves the situation in Serie B unclear, with Ternana, Pro Vercelli, Novara and Virtus Entella relegated. Some of those clubs could be granted a reprieve, since there will be at least two spaces, but it’s not clear who will take the places.

Novara, who finished 20th, were not eligible to take Cesena’s place, as in 2015 they were sanctioned for failing to play salaries and contributions for May, June, November and December 2014.

However, the club appealed to the FIGC, pointing out that the rules at the time were different, so they couldn’t have known that not paying salaries would incur such a penalty. Yesterday they won that appeal, so they would now appear to be eligible to replace one of the bankrupt teams.

Previously Virtus Entella and Siena - who reached the Lega Pro play-off final - were believed to be the top two candidates to replace Bari and Cesena, with Pro Vercelli in third.

With this judgement though, Novara would now be eligible, shunting Pro down since they finished above them last season.

“Until the official table is released it’s pointless to speculate,” Massimo Secondo, the Pro Vercelli President, told ItaSportPress.

“This is chaos.”
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21 Sep 2018, 07:10

^^ Cirkas toliau tęsiasi.
Football-Italia wrote:An appeal from five clubs has been sent to the Italian Government in a bid to resolve the chaos around Serie B, but Virtus Entella wouldn’t sign it.

The situation is reaching critical point after a series of conflicting and contradictory legal rulings.

This chaos erupted over the summer when Avellino, Bari and Cesena went bankrupt, but rather than replace them with sides from Serie C, the FIGC and Lega Serie B opted to simply reduce the division to 19 clubs.

Appeals are continuing to come in from Pro Vercelli, Ternana, Siena, Novara, Catania and Virtus Entella.

Today there was a potential turning point, as the CONI’s Collegio di Garanzia dello Sport “recognised the legitimacy” of an appeal from Entella, who maintain Cesena’s 15-point penalty for false accounting – in a scandal that cost Chievo a three-point penalty – should be valid from the 2017-18 season rather than 2018-19.

If that were the case, Entella would have avoided relegation into Serie C. However, this creates a huge knock-on effect, because Entella have already played in Serie C this season.

The Lega Pro/Serie C authorities announced this evening that as a consequence of the decision, they were suspending all Virtus Entella games until further notice.

This evening, a document was sent to the Italian Government requesting a special decree to “wipe out all the current appeals and, consequently, reintegrate the clubs excluded from Serie B.”

This was sent by Pro Vercelli, Ternana, Siena, Novara, Catania and Virtus Entella.

However, a few hours later, Entella released their own statement insisting “the document was presented to us, but we decided not to put our names to it.”

If all these clubs were to be reintegrated, Serie B would have to go from 19 clubs to 25 and the Serie C fixture list completely revamped too.

Week 4 of the Serie B season is meant to kick off on Friday evening with Benevento-Salernitana.
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Palyginti su šituo cirku tai net Lietuvos pirma lyga atrodo kaip gerai sutepta mašina. Čia šituo atveju verta prisiminti pasakymą, kad organizacija stipri tiek, kiek stiprus silpniausias jos narys. Ronaldo atėjimas labai gerai šią vasarą užmaskavo faktą ir sudarė iliuziją, kad Italijos klubinis futbolas neva atgauna savo prarastas pozicijas, kai žemesnės piramidės dalys tiesiog pūva. Labai liūdnas vaizdas.
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Visą situaciją geriausiai apibūdina
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